rPlanner is to improve the effectiveness of planning process of a refinery by integrating all data sources. rPlanner provides integration platform for various data sources like demand, pricing, trade sales & marketing, scheduling & optimizer. It also provides the capability to analyze and determine the balance between supply & demand at refinery. By providing reports to anlayze the gross margin of various plans, it also helps to optimize the throughput of a refinery. to access on various devices.


Key Modules

rPlanner offers an end to end planning solutions for refineries based on the mode of operations.


Refinery can yield highest gross margins when the inventory is properly managed. Our rBalance algorithm analyzes demand and supply from various data sources and provides a comprehensive solution to succussfully manage the inventory. rBalancer provides a unique way to create various inventory scenarios and yield reports to compare and plan inventory.


Our rOptimizer for refinery will calculate optimized output from refinery based on custom built mathematical model. The model is highly configurable and will enact as an input souce for your refinery model as well.


rAnalyze is an interactive analysis and reporting solution. Various on rAnalyze provides user flexibilty to manage input and output data. rAnalyze also provides scenario based comparision amont differnt rPlans.


rFinance is an integration and reporting system which will provide reprots of gross margin of various products from the yield. It can be integrated with finance systems like SAP which will extend the data across organization.